Major Traits of a Lavish Apartment

Lavish Apartment

Many people inquire about the luxury apartments and ask that what actually these deluxe apartments are. Here in this article we will tell you about the exact features of a deluxe apartment. A lot of north Dallas apartments claim to be luxurious but only few of them really fulfill the criteria of a luxurious apartment.

It is a bigger apartment than most of the normal ones, space is the first characteristic of any luxurious place and this cannot be compromised. So if someone shows you a 32*32 apartment and claims that it is a deluxe, don’t believe him because he is simply lying. Deluxe apartments have giant windows which make the place look much bigger than it actually is. These windows are located in each room and mostly there is no boundary wall on the outer side of the apartment as the whole wall consists of windows. This is a very beautiful trait of the luxurious apartments and the ones possessing this trait are much more expensive than the ones without it.

Most of the people take penthouse apartments to be luxurious one. This is nothing but a misconception as the penthouse can or cannot be a luxurious apartment. Though the penthouses fulfills the space criteria as they are bigger than rest of the apartments of the buildingĀ  but there are other characteristics as well that need to be fulfilled before getting the tag of a luxurious apartment. Floors of the apartments always catch your attention and one is always curious to find that what the floor is actually made up of. When it comes to the deluxe and lavish places, marble flooring takes the place to whole new level and mostly this marble is imported. Shine of the marble would be enough to make you believe that this really is some special marble as you would have seen very less floors like this one.

Kitchen is another place that must be top notch and according to the latest fashion when it comes to lavish apartments. Imported tiles are used in kitchen, and the shelves are an example of fine woodwork, these things are a must to see when you visit a luxurious place. Bathrooms are also paved with imported tiles, with expensive bathroom utensils.

Usually bathrooms and kitchens are built on a theme and this is a signature trait of a luxurious place. Other things to watch out for are stone platform and base unit in the kitchen, central air conditioning, backup power supply, balcony with an amazing view. Central air conditioning is a recent trend used in deluxe apartments and this makes the lives of the residents very easy as it cools the whole place and maintains a stable temperature throughout the apartment. Designer decors are used in these lavish places so you can ask the landlord about the designer to confirm.